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Extinction Rebellion - Northern Rebellion (31/08/2019)

A new and growing environmentalist movement, Extinction Rebellion since its formation is 2018 has become a household name in climate activism around the world. They call for an urgent global shift from fossil fuels to renewable energy, widespread ecosystem restoration, a decline in the meat industry and animal rights in general. However, they have been criticised on account of perceived hypocrisy using a diesel generator and diesel van in the powering and arrangement of the demonstration depicted in this shoot.


This shoot took place as part of the movement's "Northern Rebellion" in the Northern UK, specifically in Manchester, occupying and shutting down Deansgate between 30th August - 4th September. Barricades were set up, tents popped up in the middle of the usually congested road, talks, marches and workshops took place frequently throughout the occupation. During the few days of Deansgate shutting down an increase in air quality was observed while many passionate participants attended, including myself, showing a great sense of community and collaboration.

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