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  • Tom Vincent

Secondary Project Commences (10/04/2020)

After Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s order for all non-essential businesses to close and all citizens to remain indoors as much as possible so slow the spread of COVID-19, towns and cities around the United Kingdom have come to a standstill. This has provided an excellent opportunity to mot only document the sociological effect of the virus, but also to portray a cityscape in a manner in which it is rarely ever seen; absent of human activity in the middle of the day.

As such I have begun a project of my own volition in order to do as described under the working title “Streets Under Lockdown”. I, of course, realise the potential recklessness of wandering the city unprotected at a time such as this. As such, photographs for this project are only being collected during necessary excursions to purchase food and other essential goods.

(Image: Carlisle Market Square 7/04/2020)

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