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Final Major Project Update (20/02/2020)

Earlier during the production of this final major project, my photographic documentation of unused urban space, while numerous, lacked the necessary impact and ability to convey the scale and expansiveness of the spaces depicted. To solve this issue, I have shifted the focus of my photographs to panoramas of disused urban spaces, specifically photo-composites (images comprised of multiple photographs). I have also chosen to limit the location of this project to Carlisle alone, as this may serve to better illustrate the numerosity of these spaces within any given area. With this newfound focus, I have decided to entitle this project “A Wide View of Nothing”.

To achieve the effect of one, long photograph, multiple pictures of a building or space must be taken head-on at regular intervals. Each photograph is then stitched together using Adobe Photoshop, using parts of each photo to remove discrepancies in that may make the image appear incoherent as a whole. Below is one such example of these panoramic composite.

(Image: London Rd, Carlisle, 18/02/2020)

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